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Dr Parker Hood 

Research interests: commercial law (particularly banking law and lender liability), company law, the law of obligations

Associate Directors

Professor Emilios Avgouleas

Research interests: Global Financial Governance and Development, International Financial Regulation, Behavioural Finance and Financial Regulation, EC Securities Regulation, the Law of International Finance

Mr David Cabrelli

Research interests: commercial law, company law, labour law, private law, comparative law.
Consultant to Brymer Legal LLP

Dr Simone Lamont-Black 

Research interests: commercial law, particularly international trade and carriage of goods

 Professor Laura Macgregor 

Research interests: the law of agency in the UK and also comparative agency law, European contract law (specifically the Draft Common Frame of Reference), contract law generally, insurance law

Ms Lorna Richardson

Research interests: contract law, contract law in a comparative context

Dr Remus Valsan

Research interests: comparative corporate law and governance, trust law, law and economics, fiduciary duties


Jonathan Brown (Office of the Scottish Parliamentary Counsel)

Dr Danny Busch, Attorney-at-law, Debrauw Blackstone Westbroek, and University of Nijmegen

Joyce Cullen (Chairman, Brodies LLP)

W Cowan H Ervine (University of Dundee)

Professor George L Gretton (Lord President Reid Professor of Law, Edinburgh Law School)

Wojciech Jajdelski (Dundas & Wilson CS)

Donna McKenzie-Skene (Aberdeen Law School)

Adam McKinlay (Brodies LLP)

James McLean (Burness LLP)

Jillian Martin-Brown (Dundas & Wilson CS)

Professor Niamh Nic Shuibhne (Chair of European Union Law, Edinburgh Law School)

Stephen O'Rourke (Advocate)

Lindy Patterson (Dundas & Wilson CS)

Lynda Ross (Burness Paull)

Dr Peter Webster

Scott Wortley (University of Edinburgh)

PhD students

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