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The members of the Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law conduct research in various fields of commercial law including company law, banking law, labour law, agency law, and consumer protection law. In all these cases we study Scots and UK commercial law in its comparative European or international context.

Research Projects

Gillian Black

Personality rights in the UK, in particular the commercial practice of licensing personality rights to third parties and the legal basis for this practice. 

David Cabrelli

The law of the contract of employment, in particular the growth in differing behavioural standards and expectations which the common law and the legislature imposes upon employers and the lack of a principle against the disapplication of common law and statutory based employment rights in the context of the common law of the contract of employment. 

Professor George L Gretton

Property law; trust law; succession law; comparative private law; history of private law; law of secured transactions; insolvency law; law of sale of goods; law of negotiable instruments; law of assignment. Current projects include a book on the new law of land registration.

Parker Hood

Banking law, in particular lender liability.

Simone Lamont-Black

Carriage of goods, in particular with respect to the liability regimes under the various international transport conventions.

Laura Macgregor

(1) New book on agency for the Scottish Universities Law Institute, published by W Green. (2) Collaborating with Prof. Hector MacQueen and Prof. Martin Hogg in order to produce a new volume on obligations for the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.

Scott Wortley

Commercial and property law and related topics such as debt enforcement (including diligence and rights in security).

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